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Help Request Software (requires user ID and password to download)
RM200 installation PDF
Micro-Master 4000
4000 Manual PDF
Micro-Master 4500
4500 Manual PDF
Micro-Master 4500Plus
4500Plus Manual PDF
Micro-Master Touch
Touch User Guide PDF
Items shown in the list may be downloaded by simply double-clicking on an item or doing a right-click
and a "Save As" to a drive.
PDF files will require an Acrobat Reader for the file to be displayed. The Chrome browser has a built in reader.
Firmware files are packed in a ZIP file format and will need to be extracted and saved to a USB drive prior to use.
There is also a pdf file with the relevant changes and updates listed for each version of software.
The controller will look for both .NOR and .UC3 files when updating the firmware.
Touch Door Reference Guide PDF
RM400 installation PDF
Version 1.7.7 Firmware download
Version 1.7 Release notes
User Downloads (requires user ID and password to download)
Remote Access Gateway Quick Start Guide
Remote Access Gateway User Guide