Features of the MicroMaster 5000 (number of valves is subject to a 2.5A max limit)

1. 32 Station

2. Stainless steel wall-mount cabinet

3. Grouping or single station programs

4. 10 independent grouping programs with up to 40 groups per program and a max of 10 valve per group

5. 32 single station programs with separate run time, start time and day table - ideal for fixed control use

6. 0-250% global water budget per program for seasonal adjustment of run-times

7. 14 day programmable calendar per program

8. 9 daily cycle repeats per program

9. Manual spot watering with up to 10 valves with sttable run times

10. Manual operation with start, stop and hold function

11. User defined inter-group and cycle delay times

12. Manual valve test function

13. Self-test diagnostics - checks internal functionality and has a setup function for field valve/wiring test

14. Password protection against un-authorised programming adjustments

15. Programs stored permanently

16. Back-up battery maintains time and day in the event of power failure

17. High level multi-stage lightning protection as standard

18. In-built help function

19. Easy to read four row by 40 character self prompting display

20. Reports on solenoid current, flow testing, totalised run times and flow and pressure status (unit requires optional input boards and connection to flow and pressure sensors)


Input Boards:

4 x 20mA Flow and Pressure : Up to 2 analog flow and 2 analog pressure sensors can be installed per board. There is also the capability for up to 2 pulse flow sensors. This board should be used if instantaneous flow and pressure readings are required.

On/Off Input Board : Up to seven programmable N.O. switches which can be programmed to start, stop, hold and auto-skip programs. There is also the capability of attaching one pulse flow meter. To be used for alarming and over-ride functions.

Computer Software (optional):

*graphics based

*designed for networks that are 2-wire, RadioMaster or radio-control

* ability to zoom down to secondary levels

*status information diplayed by mouse-over of icons

*allows backup of existing controller programs

*multiple text and graphic reports on contoller hardware, flows, current and time based functions
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