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Micro-Master Touch, the newest addition to the Toro range of agricultural irrigation controllers, is packed full of new features and enhancements including expandable station counts, support for chemical injection and multiple pump sets and filter banks.

All displayed on a full colour, LCD touch screen display, Micro-Master Touch will easily upgrade your existing system and support wireless communication with field based units, meaning no trenching and no wire, therefore saving you time and money.
Specifications and Features
• 8 - 32 stations per unit in increments of 8
• System maximum of 5 units of 32 = 160 total
• 8 station field nodes
• 4 station + 4 digital input field modules
• 4 station + 4 analog input field modules
• Up to 40 simultaneous stations (8 per unit)
• 32 multi station programs (concurrent)
• 160 single station programs
• Manual Watering - spot or walkthrough
• Up to 8 pump sets of 4 pumps
• Up to 8 filter banks of 32 filters
• Injection support for up to 8 chemicals
• 32 Flowmeters + 32 Aggregate
• Up to 168 digital inputs*
• Up to 160 analogue inputs*
• 1 tipping rain bucket (pulse output)
• Maximum of 32 rules
• Multiple PC communication options
- USB, RS232, RS485, Analog/GSM/GPRS Modems (3G/4G),
- Ethernet, Wireless LAN, Radio (900 MHz)
• Remote unit communication options - RS485, Radio (900 MHz)
• Radio range – up to 3 x 7kms hops
• Firmware upgrades via in-field USB
• Designed and made in Australia.
Features and Benefits

• Modular design
Designed with flexibility in mind, the master
controller is supplied with one 8 station module
as standard and is expandable up to 32 stations.
Each master unit is capable of communicating
with up to four remote units meaning, with
Micro-Master Touch, your irrigation system can
have up to 160 stations.

• Remote units
Remote units can be placed up to 1 km (RS485) or 7km** (Radio) away from the master controller. Additional remote units can be added without the need to expand the master controller. Units can be powered by either 240 VAC or 12 VDC via a solar panel.

• Radio-Master for Touch
Up to 19 x 8 station field modules can be added
to your irrigation system, each capable of
communicating wirelessly back to the Master unit,
meaning no trenching and no wire, therefore
saving you time and money. Also suitable for areas
prone to lightning strikes.

• Expand your irrigation system
Easily increase the capabilities of your irrigation
system by adding expansion or digital and
analogue input modules. All available in
configurations of 8.

• Flexible communication options
Build an irrigation system that suits you by
taking advantage of the wide choice of available
communication options to your master
controller and remote units. Choose from RS232,
RS485, USB, Radio, Modem, Ethernet and Wi-Fi
communication modules.

• LCD Touch screen display
No more buttons or small display screens! The
Micro-Master® Touch controller has a large LCD
touch screen to help you navigate your way
around. Includes a stylus for ease of use.

USB port allows for controller firmware upgrades,
storing programmes for future use and for
controller activity logging.

• Multiple Pump Sets
Pump set support for up to eight sets of pumps.
Each pump set consists of four pumps with each
pump allocated to any station output. Each pump
set can be enabled or disabled.

• Multiple Filter Banks
Filter bank support for up to eight banks of Filters.
Each filter bank consists of thirty two separate filters
with individual filter runtimes. Each filter can be
assigned to any station or output.
• Chemical Injection
Chemical injection support for up to eight chemicals. Chemicals may have their own flow meter and injection can be paused during filter operation.

• Sensors
Micro-Master Touch has the ability to have a maximum of 152 sensor inputs via either 8 station digital or 8 station 4-20 mA analogue modules.

• Life Support
Each 8 station module is capable of stand-alone user definable operations in the event of front panel failure.

• Powerful rules capability
Programmable from the controller, up to four arguments can be set for a rule to trigger events such as program start/stop/hold and non-irrigation events like water transfer and tank filling. Micro-Master Touch has a maximum capacity for 32 rules.

• 300 W x 220 H x 130 D

Electrical Specifications

• Input power: 240 VAC, 50 HZ, 12 VDC

• Output power:
- Station capacity: 24 VAC at 2.0 Amp max
or 12 VDC at 2.0 Amp max

- Pump start capacity: 24 VAC at 1.0 Amp max
or 12 VDC at 1.0 Amp max

- Total controller capacity: 24 VAC at 1.0 Amp
max or 12 VDC at 1.0 Amp max

• Surge protection:
- Mains: Surge protection 2500 Amps surge for 20 microseconds
- Station outputs: Field surge protection 4500 Amps surge for 20 microseconds
- Inputs: Surge protection 100 Amps surge for 20 microseconds 50 Hz induced voltage 10 V RMS Max

• Meets Australian Electrical Safety &
EMC standards

• 1 year

* configuration dependant.
** environment factors like background spectrum, line of sight and antenna position apply.