Features of the Micromaster 4500 Series controller.

1. Optional setup as a sequential or group operation controller.

2. Separate fertilizer and chemical injection for each program.

3. Four station filter program interactive with Chemical injection and main irrigation.

4. Program runtimes and Chemical can be setup in seconds, minutes or Volumetric.

5. Water budgeting for each program.

6. Rain Switch to disable all programs.

7. Semi-Automatic operation.

8. Individual Valve Manual operation

9. External field inputs for various Program Starts, Stops, and suspend facilities.

10. Skip and report on Current over-load & pressure/flow error using Auto-skip input.

11. Up to 7 entire irrigation programs Saved in files to recall for seasonal irrigation.

12. 25 groups of up to 8 valves in each group. Maximum load = 2 Amps AC.

13. Sequencing on valves switching on reducing wire size.

14. Load most distant valves into each group first. These will be switched on first when copper losses are

15. If filter and/or Chemical injection valves are not used, (stations 26 to 32) the stations can be used for irrigation by including them in group programs.

16. Programmable pump off delay for slow turn off valves at the end of irrigation.

17. Ignore hold input at the start of irrigation for a user programmable time.

18. Irrigation and Chemical injection totaliser to continuously total the irrigation and Chemical injection time for each station or group for seasonal reporting.

19. Time-Zone irrigation to allow full use of off-peak power supply, or in areas where water is not supplied on demand.

20. Multiple starts. Program A and B can have up to 9 starts each. Automatic sorting of Start Times in Chronological order. Display the next program to start with day and Start time.

21. Cyclic irrigation. Each program can have up to 99 repeats.

22. Solar power option. Generate 24 VAC to operate standard solenoid valves from a 12VDC supply to prevent cable damage due to electrolysis caused by DC current.

23. Addition Features with Optional Communications chip and Central control.
*** Communication protocols are RS232 or RS485 or Telephone or GSM or Radio-Master.
*** Flow Control. Set I Flow variants to report a fault, or skip and report and cancel Irrigation.
*** Send SMS messages when Communication and irrigation faults occur in the field.
*** Proportional Chemical Injection . Enables constant concentration of chemical injection independent of flow rate.
*** Rainfall Cancel. Cyclic Log of rainfall (1-7 days) using a Rain Bucket and will Disable Irrigation when rainfall exceeds a user defined threshold. When rainfall in the log is cycled out, it will re-enable other controllers in the system.
*** Radio-Master Spread spectrum radio control valves. Not an add on, but fully integrated into controller operation and reporting on valve operation, signal strength, battery, temperature etc.

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