Features of the Micromaster 4000 Series controller.

1. Programs.
* 4 unique programs A, B, C, D
* 16 or 32 stations
* Runtimes of either 0 - 99 hrs 99 minutes (count in 1 minute increments) or 0 - 99 mins 99 seconds (count in 1 second increments) .

2. Each program can be set to water with up to 99 repeats for each start time. The cycle repeats can be varied for each day of a 14 day watering cycle.

3. User defined program delay between each cycle repeat, for Cycle and Soak operation. The cycle delay can be varied for each individual program.

4. User defined program inter-station delay for valves with a slow turn off characteristic.

5. Displays the accumulative run time of each program scaled to the water budget during programming .

6. Multiple starts. Program A ,B, C, D can have up to 30 starts each.

7. Screen displays the next Program to start, the Start time and the day it is to operate.

8. Automatic sorting of Start Times in Chronological order.
Totalizer to continuously total the irrigation run time for each station up to 999 hours (hours/mins mode ) or 999 mins (mins/sec mode). The totals can be set to zero at any time.

9. Water budgeting. Adjustment range from 0% to 250% for each individual program.

10. Global rain ON/OFF switch for all programs.

11. Password protection protects against unauthorized program changes.

12. All programs are held in permanent memory. A back up battery is installed only to retain the clock function during power failure.

13. A two row by 24 character screen to give a clear concise status of controller function.

14. Two programmable Auto-Skip delay times between 2-250 secs to monitor the Auto-Skip input when a pressure or flow fault occurs.

15. Fault Reporting.
" Monitors flow or pump pressure using the two preset auto-skip times. In the case of a malfunction, the controller will log the faulty station, and then step to the next station. The faulty stations can be recalled at any time. An Alarm output is switched on to indicate a fault has occurred.

" Skip to the next station" if a valve draws excessive current in the field. The faulty station is stored in the fault Data Base.

16. User defined Program Overlap mode to allow only 1 program at a time to operate, or all programs.

17. Emergency Program B. Program B can be set to interrupt program A, C or D when the external Bstart input is activated. i.e. program B can be a heat stress, frost , or PD input from a filter. Program B will continue cycling until the input is removed from the Program B start input. The original program will then recommence from the point of interruption.

18. Any station or program can be manually started with or without a run time. Pump start is also actuated.

19. Program advance during irrigation.

20. A pump start or master valve circuit is provided.

21. When an external pulse flow meter is installed a flow rate data base can be set up for each station. In the stand alone mode, an upper and lower percent variation of the flow for each station can be entered. If the flow during irrigation exceeds this operating window, then a report on the faulty stations will be made and if required skip to the next programmed station.

22. When not irrigating, check for burst pipes, broken valves or leaks in irrigation pipes and set alarm if a fault is found.

23. Large screw terminal block for field wire connection.

24. Sensor inputs for precise control. Require normally open input switches.
External sensor inputs - Reset, Hold, Auto-Skip, Program A Start input, Program B start input, door open status input and Alarm out for fault reporting.

25. When directly connected to a PC or Modem, two thresholds can be set to report flow variation or report and skip to the next station.

26. Can be directly connected to a PC through the com1 or com2 port for easy menu driven programming and fault reporting.

27. With an optional modem the Micromaster 4000 can be networked to a central PC with control of up to 9999 controllers.

28. When connected through a modem, all programming and fault reporting, can be controlled by one central PC. All data and controller phone numbers are programmed by a user friendly Menu driven operating system.

29. The controller is contained in a weatherproof lockable cabinet.

30. Extensive mains surge and field surge protection. Relay outputs to field valves
ensure reliable operation in the most rugged field conditions.

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