Micro-Master® controllers are designed and manufactured in Australia to manage irrigation scheduling, with the highest priority being water conservation.
New Micro-Master units are available through your local Toro dealer along with the Radio-Master range of wireless units.
The Micro-Master range of controllers have a unit suited to just about any application, be it, Turf and Gardens, Market Gardens or Golf course applications.

Micro-Master Touch - sequential and grouping, pump sets, chemical sets and programable rules.

Micro-Master 4000 - sequential irrigation suited to turf and gardens

Micro-Master 4500 - sequential or grouping irrigation suited to market gardening/nursery

Micro-Master 4500Plus - additional functionality on top of the 4500 features

Micro-Master 5000 - designed for large nursery and golf course irrigation

TDS Software Solutions also service and maintain the entire range of Micro-Master units. Service costs are always reasonable and the company repairing your unit is the same company that did the design and build. Units serviced by TDS Software Solutions are always upgraded to the lastest firmware as part of our service process at no charge.
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