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Welcome to the TDS Software Solutions Pty Ltd.

Toro Australia has decided to immediately discontinue sales of all MicroMaster products.

TDS Software Solutions Pty Ltd, who design and manufacture the MicroMaster range of products, as well as do servicing and repairs, will need to review how this affects our operations, manufacturing and distribution into the future, however, we would like to assure you that the TDS company is not closing, and will continue to provide service and support for the MicroMaster range of products.

We thank you for your patience during this change. Please bear with us as we work through arrangements. For sales enquiries, repairs and service, you may contact us through the email addresses on the Contact Page.

TDS Software Solutions is a small Australian company located in the southern Adelaide suburbs, providing a range of services to local, Australian and international clients.

Our capabilities include systems, electronic, and software design, manufacture, and repair. TDS Software Solutions is the manufacturer of the Micro-Master®, Radio-Master® and Environ-Master® range of products.

TDS Software Solutions provides ATO certified book-keeping services to a diverse range of businesses across the Adelaide metro area and near country regions.

Additionally, TDS Software Solutions can supply, establish, configure, and maintain IT infrastructure for company networks containing anything from a few to dozens of computers.

Thank you.
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Updated: 18 Nov. 2016